2008 CIO Decisions Conference Sessions in Detail

The CIO Decisions Conference offers you both the strategic insights you need to be a business leader and in-depth information that will equip you to make important decisions that can affect your architecture for years to come. Our expert program of keynotes focusing on strategy and leadership is complemented by a comprehensive selection of roundtables led by CIOs who have succeeded with initiatives from virtualization and SOA to disaster recovery and governance. Each attendee will have the opportunity to attend all keynotes plus four roundtable sessions, in addition to product demos and sponsor sessions.



NEW! Keynote Address: 2015: The CIO of the Future
Susan Cramm, Leadership Coach and Founder, Valuedance

CIOs understand that the future of IT rests on our shoulders. Yet many of us still find we’re riding on the coattails of the business units to get things done. How can we change the way we approach organizational politics, innovation and people development to get us where we need to go? How can we craft a more positive, exciting future as global leaders within our organizations? In this dynamic keynote, former CIO and business leader turned leadership coach Susan Cramm outlines how to become the future CIO with an IT organization that absolutely matters and which new competencies you must embrace today to play tomorrow’s leadership game.


Keynote Address: Your Technology Roadmap: Strategic Decision Making and Modernization Efforts
Phil Murphy, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Inc. Research shows many midsized companies will engage in significant IT modernization efforts in the coming months and years. In this keynote, Forrester analyst Phil Murphy, who has covered the IT management space for more than a decade, will scope out how to balance the myriad and often competing priorities for IT dollars, from foundational software and hardware investments to strategic business applications, risk management initiatives and more. He’ll also offer best practices for engaging your business stakeholders to share in your vision and drive your efforts. Don’t miss this opportunity for a holistic view of strategic IT investments that will position your company for the future.


It Starts with a Vision: Presentations by CIO Decisions Midmarket IT Leadership Award Winners
Our Midmarket IT Leadership Award winners come from all industries, and from across North America. This special session will bring several winners from 2008 on stage to share the tips, innovations and technologies they used in their award-winning projects. Come learn from their experiences and be inspired by their successes!



Leadership Workshop: Powerful Approaches to Developing Leaders at All Levels

Thursday, June 19th
Susan Cramm, Leadership Coach and Founder, Valuedance

This two-hour hands-on workshop will give you new insight into how to create leaders at all levels of your organization. Developing a leadership bench and line of succession is a critical issue for many CIOs as they strive to increase IT’s impact within their organizations and prepare to assume broader senior leadership roles. Former CIO and CFO Susan Cramm, now an executive coach, will share the reasons why most CIOs are recruited externally, what makes the CIO position so difficult and why traditional “survival of the fittest” leadership development practices fall short.  In a workshop-based format, you will learn how to:

- Identify high-aptitude leaders.

- Create a coaching capability that fosters motivation and delivers results.

- Leverage powerful experiences to accelerate learning and skills acquisition.

- Better understand your own capabilities to reach the next level of success.

- And much, much more.

Don't miss this opportunity to work with this leading industry expert, who has coached executives from Toyota, Sony and other companies!



Last year, you told us you wanted more opportunities to learn from your peers. So this year we made interactive roundtable discussions a core part of the CIO Decisions Conference experience. Each session broaches an issue of strategic importance from one of the four key areas of a CIO’s domain: business decision making, risk management, IT efficiency and the architectural challenges of incorporating the latest technologies to enable flexibility, cost savings, visibility and expansion. Each session will include a short presentation by a CIO with deep experience in the selected topic and then a moderated discussion during which all audience members will have an opportunity to share their experience and query the group about their most pressing challenges. Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from proven success stories and real-world lessons learned with like-minded peers from across the country.


Governance and IT Portfolio Management

Session Leader: George Bock, vice president of IT, Sole Technology Inc.
Nothing is more critical to IT success than the ability to meet business needs, and that means choosing the right IT projects at the right time for the business. Effective project and portfolio management uses people, processes and technology to chart investments, determine priorities and ensure you steer purchasing and resources in the right direction. Session leader George Bock has been managing IT projects and initiatives from the business user, consultant and IT sides for the past 13 years; he has experienced huge success establishing project management offices at Sole Technology, a maker of action sports footwear and apparel, and a previous company as well. Bock will discuss how he overcame resistance to enable effective management of time, dollars and resources, and he will lead a lively conversation about best practices, best tools and how midmarket CIOs are using each to meet their business challenges.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: CIOs Take Charge

Session Leader: Larry Bonfante, CIO, United States Tennis Association

Offsite backup and time-to-recovery objectives are part of any disaster recovery plan, but often there's more. CIOs are finding they must lead the charge companywide to establish policies and procedures for the day the lights go out or worse. Join the discussion to learn how peers are managing this challenge, and hear how CIO Larry Bonfante forged his path to cross-departmental cooperation. Bonfante will share how he developed crisis playbooks for key business processes so his organization stays afloat no matter what happens.


ITIL and Other Service Management Frameworks

Session Leader: Niel Nickolaisen, CIO, Headwaters Inc.

The IT Infrastructure Library is one set of best practices for aligning more closely with the business and optimizing your IT shop. The Microsoft Operations Framework is another. In this session, CIO Niel Nickolaisen, who has written extensively on the two frameworks, will lead a discussion on how to successfully deploy them in IT organizations with limited IT resources and the pros and cons of each. If you want to improve your IT services, this workshop is for you.


The 21st Century Data Center: Options and Decision Points

Session Leader: Kurt Sowa, Director of IT, Deckers Outdoor Corp.

Faced with the need for greater computing power, disaster recovery capabilities and the need to conserve energy, midmarket IT organizations are weighing a range of data center options. This session will explore options including colocation and managed hosting, as well as real-life experiences with the latest data center technologies, such as server virtualization and blade servers.


The Business Intelligence Revolution: Making Money with Insights
Session Leader: Mykolas Rambus, CIO, Forbes Media
In 2008, business intelligence (BI) is more than the data warehouses, data schema and reporting tools that combine to deliver information to business users; it's a philosophy of how to accelerate your business by making money from insights. New products, data sources, methods, and vendors promise to speed solution development, but to what end? Our CIO speaker, Forbes’ Mykolas Rambus, will delve into his experiences having to go from “0 to 60” in selecting the latest BI tools, data sources, and people, kicking off a robust discussion about the key drivers, decisions and outcomes of BI projects.


SaaS and Your Applications Strategy
Session Leader: Steve Morin, CIO, TAC Worldwide Cos.

As business needs grow for point solutions, should you consider Software as a Service (SaaS)? When should you consider a platform buildout from a core SaaS app such as Salesforce.com? What are the challenges of decision support if critical corporate data resides in disparate subscription applications? CIO Steve Morin, who has deployed a major platform via SaaS, will share his experience and lead a discussion of the merits of the Web-based subscription solution and how to incorporate it into your applications strategy in ways that make sense for your architecture, your business model and the business itself.


The SOA Roadmap: A Panel Discussion

Panel Moderator and Session Leader: Richard Soley, CEO, Object Management Group Inc. and executive director, SOA Consortium

Panelists: Mark Davenport, IT Director, Bosley Inc.; Fernando Gonzalez, CIO, Byer California; Erin Griffin, CIO, Screen Actors Guild

Midmarket CIOs are increasingly signing on to the service-oriented architecture concept as a way to modernize their information infrastructure and enable business agility. Hear from CIOs who are taking their midsized organizations down this path, and join the discussion to learn about their challenges, surprises and what lies ahead.


Selling Security and Disaster Recovery Projects to Get the Funding You Need

Session Leader: Chuck Kramer, senior vice president and CTO, Social & Scientific Systems Inc.

Getting funding for your IT initiatives is never easy, but some projects prove especially challenging for even the most experienced veterans. Disaster recovery and data security-related purchases are among those projects for which there is no straight ROI, meaning you must show the importance and value to business stakeholders in other ways. Senior vice president and CTO Chuck Kramer will share his years of experience gaining approvals and his best practices for identifying the “trigger” points of senior executives when it comes to their tolerance for risk. Don't miss this discussion of the most successful processes behind medium- and big-ticket project approvals when traditional calculations don’t apply.


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